Dealing with Different Perceptions & Perspectives

I was reading a post earlier today over at John Shore’s blog. He received a letter which told a heart-wrenching story. It had to do with a young disabled man, his mother, and the family of some people who have spent much of their time caring for the man over the last nine years. The … Continue reading

The American Bubble

I was just on Twitter and tweeting with @marksandlin about my new Moroccan friend. He is Muslim. This is a great thing. The problem is that I feel there are not many others in the US who would dare make a friend like mine because we live in such a bubble. I have seen all … Continue reading

Your Majesty…

My quiet time is spent here. Most of the time I can count on peace within my emotional body in those moments. No unwanted distractions. Just me and my needs. On the throne.