Christmas 2011 with Matt

We’ve been together as a couple for 2 years, 3 months, and 2 days as of Dec. 25, 2011. That’s today.. I daresay it’s roughly around the same time of day right now as it was that long ago that he asked me to be his girlfriend! This was our third Christmas together.

Today was no different, yet completely unusual. This past week, Matt had what will most likely be labelled a psychotic break. He came down from it starting Friday and was doing well yesterday, Christmas Eve. He said he had some trouble breathing after dinner, but he was getting plenty of breaths in. It was just his sinuses being congested that helped him think he was not breathing. The normal thing is that it’s been unpredictable.

Change IS the only constant.

After the urgent care visit, we came home and ate dinner. Matt fell asleep soon after due to the Valium he got at urgent care.


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