Dealing with Different Perceptions & Perspectives

I was reading a post earlier today over at John Shore’s blog. He received a letter which told a heart-wrenching story. It had to do with a young disabled man, his mother, and the family of some people who have spent much of their time caring for the man over the last nine years. The … Continue reading

Off the Edge and into Action

I wrote the previous post on May 5, 2010. Just 2 weeks ago my fiancĂ© and I started volunteering at a local non-profit edible garden. The food grown there goes to low-income preschools and the local food bank. We have fallen in love with the work there at the garden and plan on getting our … Continue reading

Foodie Activism – On the Edge of Action

I have been learning more and more about food in America. What I’ve learned has just about got me convinced I need to become a farmer! Even if it’s just to grow food for me and my family. I am learning I want no part in the system as it stands. It all started when … Continue reading